The imperial table

One of the latest trend about weddings is the Imperial table setup. On the one hand it can be considered a risky choice if you want to easily speak with the other guests: indeed, if you choose this type of table you can only speak with the guests who are sit next to you. On the other hand if you choose the traditional round table you can actively participate to the conversation with all the guest of that table. However the Imperial table is more original and majestic: it reminds the Palace dinner with the nobles and scenes from Hollywood.
Therefore the best solution for a dynamic and young wedding would be a long buffet and round tables for the starter and then an Imperial table for the dinner; and finally move to another room of the Villa for the Wedding cake cutting and for a buffet with several sweets and desserts with background music. In this way the Imperial table does not impede the conversation and at the same time it creates a more noble scenography.

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