Valier is the name of an ancient Patrician Family of Venice, it was one of the limited numbers of families that continuously represented the Great Council of Venice with one or more members and this went on for half a millennium, from the Lockout of 1297 until the end of the Serenissima Republic in 1797 due to the Napoleonic troops.

The Valier family gave the Serenissima Republic two Doges (Bertuccio and Silvestro) and two Cardinals to the Roman Catholic Church (Agostino and Pietro).


On left. The family coat of arms of Valier


The Doge Bertuccio Valier (1596 – 1658), descendant of the Prioli family, married Benedetta Pisani, the have many children but only one lived enough to become Doge himself too. The Doge Bertuccio Valier was very rich and a successful diplomatic, he was considered by his contemporaries a smart and refined man. He was in office for just three years, a definitely long and lucky time if compared with his predecessor Francesco Corner, died after just nineteen days of reign.

While Bertuccio will be remembered for having rejected the Turkish peace offer, his son Silvestro (1630-1700) will go down in history for being the poors' Doge, although he was known to love good life, he was very attentive to the population's problems. Moreover his personage had a peculiar attraction, because his wife Elisabetta Querini, known for her charm was the last Venice Dogaressa, and the only one to be solemnly crowned after 1646, when a law prohibited sumptuous and expensive celebrations to protect the reign economy.

Bertuccio, Silvestro and the last Venetian Dogaressa were buried in the magnificent Baroque mausoleum in the Basilica Santi Giovanni e Paolo in Venice.


(On banner. The ancient façade, demolished in XIX century. Illustration by F. Costa)



Above. Silvestro Valier (1630 -1700), the Doge
Above. Elisabetta Querini, the last Venice Dogaressa